[Top Ten] Norway and the midnight sun

Norway is a country that has been on my dream list to visit for quite some time. Fjords, mountains, ocean, sunsets, trees and a European country are all things I love. When we moved to London, this trip to Norway was one of the first things I began to plan. City breaks are really easy … More [Top Ten] Norway and the midnight sun



Last week marked a year since we officially “moved”¬†from Grand Rapids. I have been spending a fair amount of time wrapping my mind around that. Wrapping my brain around all the ways that I see the country¬†so very differently in August of 2014 vs. August 2013. Wrapping my heart around how different my relationship with … More reflection

i miss grand rapids.

there. i said it. traveling is awesome. it’s amazing. i have seen and experienced some pretty awesome things in the past few months for which i am forever grateful. but it’s not home. we try to make it home. we decorate with things that represent us and don’t take much space. we try and forget … More i miss grand rapids.

making home.

i believe we have entered phase two of our time in san francisco. that feels good. phase one was a roller coaster. so many feelings of “this is supposed to be awesome and it isn’t.” or constantly asking “what is wrong with us? why aren’t we loving it here? ” or just sitting with the … More making home.