it’s been over a year since i’ve owned this house. i bought it in a flurry of trulia searching, foreclosure pursuing, and an array of other events. i bought it because it was green, because it’s on a street i love, and because even though the floors are a little crooked, the carpet is disgusting, … More house.

a canning crazy…

I wouldn’t call myself domestic in any sense of the word. In fact, for most of my life (outside of making brownies or cookies), I stayed out of the kitchen. But lately, my friends, things have changed. I have a new roommate, Alice, who is in love with vegetables. I’ve always appreciated vegetables (I’m vegetarian) … More a canning crazy…

my to-stop list

it seems i’m always jotting down to-do lists, all sorts of things i do not want to forget. i’m guessing you do the same. i mean, we’re so obsessed with to-do lists that there are programs devoted to it (Remember the Milk, Evernote etc.). i’ve been thinking lately of how i get so caught up … More my to-stop list


i know my dad as a continual fix it man. he’s always looking for the next project or way to make something better. when i was younger, the moment i would mention something that wasn’t just quite right, he was on it. whether my bike chain was off the track, i needed a random picture … More updates.