dreams {slowly becoming reality}

I love to create and often have too many projects going on in my head. Many more than I could possibly start to tackle! Some people call this a bucket list, some call it life goals. I’ve found that the best strategy for this list is doing one thing at a time, and attempting to take time in between to rest and reflect on the last goal. So here’s my list as it comes (in no particular order):

  1. Study Abroad
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Own an old house
  4. Become a “good” dancer
  5. Learn a second language – fluently
  6. Be a barista
  7. Home brew good beer
  8. Run the Boston marathon
  9. Be married
  10. Revive my violin skills
  11. Travel for a full year
  12. Live abroad
  13. Start my own business
  14. Depend 100% on public transportation
  15. Own a Vespa
  16. Make homemade jam
  17. Grow my own garden
  18. Make an entire meal from the garden I grew
  19. Hone my photography skills
  20. Backpack with friends
  21. Become more patient
  22. Practice yoga regularly
  23. Go on vacation to a mystery spot and tell no one
  24. Witness my best friend’s wedding
  25. Create a birthday ritual that I do every year
  26. Live next door to one of my friends
  27. Witness my parent’s retiring

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