our scion rocks.

we have a scion, and i love it. i purchased this as my first major “i graduated from college” purchase. it was a departure from my beloved first car, a bright blue toyota corolla and I think it knew that it had something to live up to. it has safely transported me from city to … More our scion rocks.

bread & wine, community, and our little house church.

last night i had the privilege of having dinner with some of my favorite women on earth. women who have listened to my stories, cried with me, made food for me, and walked with me through some of the hardest transitions in life. these women, this church, has meant the world to all 5 of us in a variety … More bread & wine, community, and our little house church.


i am not an animal person. i don’t really like animals, hate hair/fur, and have never desired to have one of my own. i have never owned a pet except for the gerbil that my mom had in her classroom that i took care of on school breaks and in the summer. i did train … More wiggo.

election day.

i’m not a very political person. i believe that a lot of the issues in politics are important, but i don’t speak out about many of them. it doesn’t do any good when election day roles around. the only thing i can do is cast my vote. but i love election day. there is a … More election day.


i’ve been contemplating this day for a bit now. chris has been reminding me that i’m a 1/4 of a century old and i’ve been constantly rolling my eyes at him (he’s 362 days younger). but something interesting happens as i get older – the day becomes less important, instead i spend time reflecting on … More 25.