Last week marked a year since we officially “moved” from Grand Rapids. I have been spending a fair amount of time wrapping my mind around that. Wrapping my brain around all the ways that I see the country so very differently in August of 2014 vs. August 2013. Wrapping my heart around how different my relationship with … More reflection

i miss grand rapids.

there. i said it. traveling is awesome. it’s amazing. i have seen and experienced some pretty awesome things in the past few months for which i am forever grateful. but it’s not home. we try to make it home. we decorate with things that represent us and don’t take much space. we try and forget … More i miss grand rapids.

bend bound.

after weeks of waiting, hoping, planning, and changing plans, we are bound for bend, oregon for chris to be a travel nurse! it’s been an interesting few months. we found people to rent out our house, moved out of that beloved house, stayed with our dear friends for 3 weeks, and hopped in the car with no … More bend bound.

moving out day

today we moved out. yep, gathered up all we owned, sorted, boxed, and threw it in a van/trailer combo and threw it once again into my parent’s basement. to say the least, it was filled with complete gratitude to our parents for the sheer ability to come and tackle a huge job. it was also filled with … More moving out day

homeless homeowners

there’s a comical phrase being tossed around our house right now: homeless homeowners. indeed, it’s true. through a sequence of events, waiting, life changes, and just bad timing, we have rented out our house and are still in this city. funny. homeless homeowners. we are trying to leave, with every fiber of my being i … More homeless homeowners