for the love of november / december

i don’t quite have the right words to explain the beauty, challenges, contradictions, and wonderfulness of life right now. the pull to be back in grand rapids for the holidays but also feeling perfectly content here. envying the snow and cold, but also walking around without a coat and loving it.

so, here are a few photos of the happenings of late.

DIY Christmas Decorations

we decorated for christmas. minimal, i know, but given our transient lifestyle i really didn’t want to spend a dime on decorations. sprigs from the park it is!

view of san francsico from twin peaks

we took a sunday afternoon stroll that led us up lots and lots of stairs to some amazing views of the city.

Riley with Madison
we drove inland for some quality time with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. perfect time for a holiday photo shoot with their new one coming in february!

mike, madison, and riley

riley jumping in mud puddles

we went camping in joshua tree. i think chris rocks the camping / coffee / model look. it was really cold, but we survived with our waining michigan blood.

Joshua Tree with Coffee

painted canyons with friends

our friends from Michigan, Nancy & Ryan, joined us. it was awesome to play around joshua tree with them.

sunrise in joshua tree

walking through painted canyons

ryan walking through painted canyons


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