we are just making our way in this world

Last weekend one of my dearest and longest-held friends got married. As my airplane drew closer and closer to the squares of land marking off fields and backyards, properties ending and beginning, I felt a strange ownership of the land. This was the land I was born on, this was the earth I spent some … More we are just making our way in this world


we are wed.

on june 16th, 2012 i had the privilege and honor of marrying my best friend. of promising that we will be together for the rest of our lives and it was amazing. emotional. overwhelming. and such a blessing. i started the day with a short run on my favorite route. i have a tradition of running on … More we are wed.


i’ve been contemplating this day for a bit now. chris has been reminding me that i’m a 1/4 of a century old and i’ve been constantly rolling my eyes at him (he’s 362 days younger). but something interesting happens as i get older – the day becomes less important, instead i spend time reflecting on … More 25.

the purchase.

ever since january of 2009, i’ve wanted a vespa. i drove one on my 3rd day in australia studying abroad and fell in love. the freedom, wind in the face, ocean air (in au) and just pure joy of riding one had me hooked. over the next few years i spent (ok, wasted) a lot … More the purchase.


people get geeked about weddings. besides the fact that like any other large holiday or celebration, they’ve been completely commercialized, there is something profound about a ceremony, a day set aside to officially commit what two people have been working towards for a while. weddings are a BIG deal and I think its because  deep … More weddings.