the purchase.

ever since january of 2009, i’ve wanted a vespa. i drove one on my 3rd day in australia studying abroad and fell in love. the freedom, wind in the face, ocean air (in au) and just pure joy of riding one had me hooked. over the next few years i spent (ok, wasted) a lot … More the purchase.


people get geeked about weddings. besides the fact that like any other large holiday or celebration, they’ve been completely commercialized, there is something profound about a ceremony, a day set aside to officially commit what two people have been working towards for a while. weddings are a BIG deal and I think its because ┬ádeep … More weddings.

a canning crazy…

I wouldn’t call myself domestic in any sense of the word. In fact, for most of my life (outside of making brownies or cookies), I stayed out of the kitchen. But lately, my friends, things have changed. I have a new roommate, Alice, who is in love with vegetables. I’ve always appreciated vegetables (I’m vegetarian) … More a canning crazy…


I’ve been reading some of my past journals in an attempt to discover who I was during various snapshots of my life. The moments captured in photographs + my journals give a pretty good snapshot of who I was with, what I was feeling, and what my relationships looked like. It’s always quite the activity … More journals

on lifelong friends.

today i had the great pleasure of connecting with my friend rori. we became fast friends during our early college years on a mission trip to seattle – pure and absolute ridiculous behavior that bonded us deeply, very deeply. we had just the right mix of laughter (till we peed our pants) and serious, in … More on lifelong friends.

my {new} mixer

it’s been an insanely rainy day today – cool and the type of day that makes you want to put on a sweater and – go nowhere. so what did i do? i visited my favorite thrift store and found the perfect rainy day item – a mixer. now, this isn’t any mixer. this is … More my {new} mixer


what is it about art that stirs our soul? it is something unique, it catches our attention and ties us to all sorts of people and places only imaginable. take a beautiful piece by Monet or Picasso, what were their lives like? what did a day in their shoes look like? good art has the … More art