thanksgiving meals…

this weekend i just wanted to cook for friends, family, or whoever wanted to eat. I didn’t want it to be some formal invite weeks before event, but more of a call a few hours before type of thing. and it turned out fantastically.

around 3 pm i got home and began cooking. no pressure, the house was still a minor mess and i wasn’t even sure who or how many were coming, and that was okay.

in between texts and calls i was busy roasting squash halves, running to the store for ingredients and starting to make a risotto. chris came and saved the day by taking over some of the chopping and risotto watch. meanwhile i proceeded to start baking a pumpkin spice cake.

everything came together, 4 lovely friends showed up bringing salad, bread, and yummy cheese. the menu (celebrating fall vegetables): stuffed squash with quinoa, kale and chickpea mash, sweet potato and leek risotto, bread and cheese, salad, and pumpkin spice cake.

yum. god has been so good to us to give us ways to bless friends. i need to do this more often, to gather friends at my house and just be together.

thank you god for thanksgiving, for friends to come and enjoy food, laughter, and one another.


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