on lifelong friends.

today i had the great pleasure of connecting with my friend rori. we became fast friends during our early college years on a mission trip to seattle – pure and absolute ridiculous behavior that bonded us deeply, very deeply. we had just the right mix of laughter (till we peed our pants) and serious, in depth conversation to make this relationship a key one in both of our journey’s.

last year rori moved to boulder, colorado. it was a sad sad day when she moved. one half of my heart was so glad to see her take this next exciting step on the journey, the other half so insanely sad that she would be gone. she’s the master of hospitality. every sunday for a whole year she hosted supper sundays – a day in which a whole slew of us showed up and were fed amazing food. every sunday, without fail.

in our talk today, as always, she was full of excitement, love and general interest for all the happenings in my life. she made me talk about what’s going with me when i was dying to hear what she was up to – and we carried on chatting like this for awhile. i was asking her about her journey to boulder and she summed it up like this:

“i’ve learned so much about who i am and who i’m not really”

i liked that. the journey of life is not about only learning time and time again who we are, but also learning through some painful experiences who we really aren’t. that someway along this journey we will find the happy medium – who God has made us to be somewhere in between who we aren’t really and who we are.

that’s what good friends are for – bringing up the good stuff, the stuff that hits a string in our soul and makes us sing. this is the stuff of life.


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