people get geeked about weddings. besides the fact that like any other large holiday or celebration, they’ve been completely commercialized, there is something profound about a ceremony, a day set aside to officially commit what two people have been working towards for a while. weddings are a BIG deal and I think its because  deep within our being we know that this is the type of community we’re supposed to be living in, the type that takes a promise, a vow, and a gathering of all the two families and friends to witness it.

it’s also something that is a commitment for life, which is rare these days. so, with that frame of mind people gather. grandmas, moms, dads, and friends cry because as humans we realized that marriage is something worthwhile and seeing it demonstrated brings emotion. they cry out of love for an individual, beauty at the way she presents herself, and fullness of heart that this individual will now be in constant relationship with another.

and weddings are huge because they’re a celebration. a time to have fun, be social, and celebrate family, friends, commitment, and love. as a soon to be bride, sometimes i grow weary of preparing. i want the celebration to be here, now. but i also realize that this preparation is necessary. not only preparing for the ceremony and celebration, but also preparing for the marriage, for committing to love someone more than myself, for sticking by their side always. this type of commitment takes time and preparation.

and i think the celebration is also important because in the future when things may be tough, the married couple needs that day to look back on, to reflect on the new love celebrated there, the faces of family and friends in support, and the joy of uniting together.

so, weddings are a big deal – and they should be! as one of the wholiest, most sacred, happiest, new, fresh, and amazing days. but as chris put it so well when i told him i’m ready for the best day of our lives now (the wedding), he said

“it will be a good day, but there will be so many more great days after that.”


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