what is it about art that stirs our soul? it is something unique, it catches our attention and ties us to all sorts of people and places only imaginable. take a beautiful piece by Monet or Picasso, what were their lives like? what did a day in their shoes look like?

good art has the potential to unleash memories and stirrings within us. it taps through the surfacy thoughts into feelings and emotions that sometimes are so difficult to access. lately i have been obsessed with sabrina ward harrison. her art is more of journalling or art therapy. it is honest and allows for mistakes and oops. she journals her soul in the pages of her books and phrases on her canvases. it moves me, challenges me and makes me think of my creator. it makes me want to go feel deeply as she does and journal and tell about it.
ultimately, good art moves people to create something of their own. it is not a stand alone piece, but a movement of viewing and interacting that prompts others to do something as well. so today, go create something.

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