a week in review…

last week was insane. between all the different things i did i feel like the only that remained true was that my name was emily. so busy but so good.

the weekend boasted of my brother and sister in law, parents, and chris hanging out in glen arbor at a cottage my parents had rented. this was amazing family time that we don’t get to have very often at all. we sat on the beach, watched the tour de france, drank summer shanty, and went out to eat all the time. besides the clouds of mosquitoes, it was simply bliss. i completely understand why God created family, and i am so grateful for mine!

monday morning rolled around and i covered up my mosquito bites with makeup and “starred” as the ‘talent’ for a video we’re shooting for work. simply put, i was chosen because budget didn’t allow for real talent. so i mustered up enough energy to sit in front of a camera and play on an iPad. make-up and all. i carefully selected my outfit that morning and stepped onto stage. over and over we got takes of the same motions and i was exhausted by the time we finished – i now know why actresses get paid so much!that was monday. tuesday was a typical work day – insanely busy with meetings and and prep work to get ready for the thursday and friday that i was taking off. my brother and sister in law were in town as well so there were many visits home to see them and catch up. along with all of this, i was packing for my great adventure to….

Camp Roger. for 3 days i put office life behind and was counselor emily to a group of 11 lovely 6 & 7 year olds. i went from creating documents, brainstorming, developing iPad materials to helping brush a little girl’s hair, tie her shoes, and dream up crazy things about seaweed at the lake. as i fell into bed that first night, i couldn’t have asked for more.

for life to be so varied and good, to experience all the different parts that makes this life what it is – to be in creation, technology, imagination and everywhere in between is truly a blessing.


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