sometimes you just have to have an almond fight

there are many reasons why i love my husband. he’s kind, considerate, brave, always ready to learn more, and he makes me laugh. unfortunately i don’t always laugh easily, sometimes it takes a bit. but he knows how to make me laugh, belly laughs, nearly to tears laughs.

last night i was a bit uptight. i don’t know why. maybe it was from chipping paint on the trim in our house (lead poisoning anyone?) with a mask on my face. regardless, i made pizza, he came home from a full afternoon of recording and we had a nice dinner.

as i was wiping down the table, i felt something hit my arm. i look up and there is my lovely husband chucking almonds at me. so, i picked up his lost ammo and before we knew it we were running around the house like small children. a pizza pan was his shield, the kitchen chair was mine. almonds were flying (fortunately he didn’t unleash the whole bag, they’re expensive!). a few almonds later, we ceased fire, laughed some more, and wrapped in a big warm hug.

i am thankful today for a husband who supports me, even when i take life a little too seriously. and who knows when its time to just throw some almonds at each other.


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