bend bound.

car is packed.

after weeks of waiting, hoping, planning, and changing plans, we are bound for bend, oregon for chris to be a travel nurse!

it’s been an interesting few months. we found people to rent out our housemoved out of that beloved house, stayed with our dear friends for 3 weeks, and hopped in the car with no real plan, just heading west. actually, we went north through the u.p. to get to get out of michigan. it makes total sense.

one day in july we made a decision. we had to leave grand rapids in order to actually leave and try to do travel nursing. we had to take a leap of faith and hop on the road. even though we didn’t have a plan, we had to go. i believe in my heart of hearts that had we not made that leap, we would still be in grand rapids, still be waiting.

some pieces of this past phase were awesome. we hung out in grand rapids for a while longer, lived with awesome friends, spent quality time with those we love, we biked to the lakeshore, drank coffee, had good brews at our favorite places, and rode around in the scooter.

some pieces were not so fun. waiting on licensing, hearing nothing from agencies, quitting jobs without a plan, and ultimately saying goodbye to people we love so dearly.

it has been a weird balance of starting to achieve our dream and also not really having that dream come together as we thought. it’s been the sheer excitement of not having so many responsibilities and also the fear of then not having a house and living out of our car. it’s the amazing opportunity to spend large sums of time with my husband and also realize that we’ve spent a little too much time together ;).

but finally on friday, it happened. the magical call we had been waiting for came. an unknown number from oregon. an interview at noon, a contract signed by four! and we had a plan.

i believe that this is what life is. it’s the testing and trying, the bumps and the ruts. it’s the questions to God, the strong feelings of knowing this is what we are supposed to do, but the disappointment that it’s not coming together as planned. but there is a plan, that is certain.

so this week we pack the car again. not for aimless traveling about, but for a destination. chris wants another week of aimlessness (he does better with that than i) but i am more than happy with having a place. a destination, and some sort of plan.


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