for the love of november / december

i don’t quite have the right words to explain the beauty, challenges, contradictions, and wonderfulness of life right now. the pull to be back in grand rapids for the holidays but also feeling perfectly content here. envying the snow and cold, but also walking around without a coat and loving it. so, here are a … More for the love of november / december


making home.

i believe we have entered phase two of our time in san francisco. that feels good. phase one was a roller coaster. so many feelings of “this is supposed to be awesome and it isn’t.” or constantly asking “what is wrong with us? why aren’t we loving it here? ” or just sitting with the … More making home.

that south sister

we’ve been doing a lot of climbing and hiking while in bend which is awesome. there are such great day trip opportunities to amazing hikes and summits. one mountain we wanted to summit was south sister. given the name, you can assume there is a middle and north sister but the south is the highest … More that south sister

our scion rocks.

we have a scion, and i love it. i purchased this as my first major “i graduated from college” purchase. it was a departure from my beloved first car, a bright blue toyota corolla and I think it knew that it had something to live up to. it has safely transported me from city to … More our scion rocks.

bend bound.

after weeks of waiting, hoping, planning, and changing plans, we are bound for bend, oregon for chris to be a travel nurse! it’s been an interesting few months. we found people to rent out our house, moved out of that beloved house, stayed with our dear friends for 3 weeks, and hopped in the car with no … More bend bound.

moving out day

today we moved out. yep, gathered up all we owned, sorted, boxed, and threw it in a van/trailer combo and threw it once again into my parent’s basement. to say the least, it was filled with complete gratitude to our parents for the sheer ability to come and tackle a huge job. it was also filled with … More moving out day