missing you….

people must think i am so strange. lately, i’ve been having these random moments of missing people or events that hit me straight in the gut. i’ll be talking with a person in normal conversation and then BAM i’m off in some other world thinking of someone because i heard a song that reminded me … More missing you….


i awoke to the sunrise this morning. my body woke up five minutes before the alarm, anticipating the adventure of crawling out before the rest of the world awakes. i quietly packed up my belongings from the hostel, brushed my teeth, assembled my morning playlist and began the windy drive up the mountain in the … More sunrise.

walking home.

this week we experienced a gigantic snowstorm, rivaling that of 1978 they say. unfortunately, i was so sick when this storm came that i had little¬†excitement¬†over the possibility or reality of so much snow. i’d normally be skiing and playing and running through this snow, experiencing it all, but not this time. i was stuck … More walking home.