that south sister

we’ve been doing a lot of climbing and hiking while in bend which is awesome. there are such great day trip opportunities to amazing hikes and summits. one mountain we wanted to summit was south sister. given the name, you can assume there is a middle and north sister but the south is the highest … More that south sister

moving out day

today we moved out. yep, gathered up all we owned, sorted, boxed, and threw it in a van/trailer combo and threw it once again into my parent’s basement. to say the least, it was filled with complete gratitude to our parents for the sheer ability to come and tackle a huge job. it was also filled with … More moving out day


i’ve been contemplating this day for a bit now. chris has been reminding me that i’m a 1/4 of a century old and i’ve been constantly rolling my eyes at him (he’s 362 days younger). but something interesting happens as i get older – the day becomes less important, instead i spend time reflecting on … More 25.