i awoke to the sunrise this morning. my body woke up five minutes before the alarm, anticipating the adventure of crawling out before the rest of the world awakes. i quietly packed up my belongings from the hostel, brushed my teeth, assembled my morning playlist and began the windy drive up the mountain in the very dark morning.

the moon was just a sliver and the starts were bright and clear, knowing very soon their turn would be done for a day. up and up the windy road i drove, the thrill of higher elevation as i went – 3,000. 6,000. 7,000. i patted the steering wheel of my rental car as if to affirm its hard work. as i turned the next corner, i realized the sky was not all black an longer but the deepest of blue. it was if the sun was teasing the dar to in to just a bit of its enticing color.

with every corner i turned away from the sun i would frantically drive to face the sun again, not wanting to miss a moment as it changed the sky from night to day. very soon pinks began to appear on the horizon. subtle at first and then flaming. i was met to a stop by a park ranger : the summit lot was full and the lower lot would have to suffice. my heart dropped just a bit and it must have shown because he assured me that the view was just as good. i found (or made) my parking spot and ran to where the onlookers were already gazing, wrapped in blankets and shivering. i ran up in nothing but shorts and my fleece, completely unfazed. it must be my michigan blood.

we stood snapping photos and oo’s and aah’s as the sun crept from its hiding. i stopped my clicking and capturing just a moment to simply stand in awe. my Maker and Creator, faithful as always and blessing me with another sunrise. he could have made the sun magically appear everyday but he knows that sometimes surprise and suspense is beautiful and amazing.

a sunrise is a slow process: quiet and unassuming but also bursting forth with color, light, and the potential for a new day. He doesn’t bring it on with flashes and bolts, but as part of a process, a routine and rhythm. he knows that we as humans need this routine most.


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