walking home.

this week we experienced a gigantic snowstorm, rivaling that of 1978 they say. unfortunately, i was so sick when this storm came that i had little excitement over the possibility or reality of so much snow. i’d normally be skiing and playing and running through this snow, experiencing it all, but not this time. i was stuck on the couch.

i first began to question whether i had lost zest or life, having no motivation to go out into the snow. if instead of actually experiencing life, i chose to watch it happen through the lens of oprah on my television. i then gently told myself, i’ve been so sick. this is what sick people do: nothing.

today, i felt better, finally a bit like myself. i worked from one of my favorite coffee shops and decided to take the 2 mile walk home to experience the post storm. i was walking on the sidewalks surrounded by piles of snow on either side, delighting in the sight. i took photos again, and basked in the sun. and i wrote this little poem:

walking along, snow banks on either side

like large walls protecting

from the cars that pass me by.

i think of how they must see me,

a black down coat hovering above the banks

no legs does this coat have, they are hidden

i like it this way, a bit of obstacle at every turn

some snow to leap or glide on top of

and i’ll go on bobbling down these winter paths.


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