i’m becoming a fly master

last week was moving week. in one swift 9 hour period we (meaning my & chris’ parents) moved all of my worldly possessions from my childhood home in the suburbs to my {new to me} home. this was quite a feat considering i had done all of 0 packing until that morning at 5:30 am when i couldn’t sleep.

i’ve been gifted with two bedroom suites and have been collecting an array of Steelcase furniture throughout my time working there. i’ve also been insanely active on craigslist finding one lovely thing after the other. i’m worried i’m a junk-aholic but alas, there are so many good fines. all this to say, hats off to the moving crew for being so fantastic. the dads and i moved furniture, the moms stayed at the new house and cleaned from floor to ceiling. i don’t think it will ever be that clean again.

due to the old nature of this house, the windows have no screens. now this makes for a predicament with 5 people busily lifting furniture and scrubbing floorboards. if we didn’t open the screenless windows, none of us would be here today. so up the windows went and in came the flies. one after the other they would come in and make a happy residence in MY home. i was not too keen about this.

i promptly went to meijer and bought a good ol’ 99 cent swatter. i went around the house in every room and swatted until i thought i had them all. as i was walking back to the kitchen, i noticed a lovely hook hanging in the entryway to the kitchen. i was dead tired, hung the swatter on the hook and went to bed.

well, one week has gone by and guess where the swatter still is? yep, on the hook. i’ve killed a few more flies with it and just keep putting on the hook so i can access it easily. as i’ve invited friends over to see the house, nearly every one has commented about the swatter hanging from the hook on the way to the kitchen. yes, i’m proud of my fly killing skills.

i’m debating keeping it there forever. maybe only may – september or something when flies are active. when winter comes maybe i’ll hang a uv light or something from the hook but until then, it’s so darn handy. if i even think i hear the buzz buzz i promptly grab my swatter from the hook and viola! the fly is dead. i may not even need to put screens in because i can kill the flies with such little effort.

what do you think – should i keep the swatter there out of practicality? or more importantly, what should i really hang from this lovely hook?


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