3 Weekly Goals We Plan to Master


On Sunday, Chris and I were just stuck in a rut. This is easy to do since it’s February in Michigan and most days are cold and grey. We decided that we had to do something about it rather than just go to bed, wake up, go to work, clean the house, and go to bed again.

We decided to get our booties moving and went for a run in the rain/sleet/snow terribleness. That didn’t seem to do it. So, we started to make lists and goals and deciding for us what is life giving.

We landed on making weekly goals every Sunday. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this – it’s a practice I’ve read about time and time again but had never actually committed to. This time, I think we’re committed :). Our goals revolve around: us as a couple, us as individuals, and projects/hobbies/house improvements we want to do.

1. Us.

We’re creating weekly mini-goals that we want to accomplish as a way to advance us as a couple. These could be things we do together to grow spiritually, financially, or through communication. We also put anything that we’re working on to help us love each other and communicate more fully in this bucket.

2. Individually.

We created these goals as items we want to do in order to make us each a better person. Some of these goals include habit changes, spiritual disciplines, dealing with issues that arise, keeping emotions in check etc. A lot of these goals for me turned into defining my passions and what makes me come alive and focusing on those things.

3. Hobbies, Projects, & House Improvements

For me, these are the exciting goals, they’re tangible and just waiting to be checked off. I started to make a list 1,000 items long until Chris brought me back up to the point above – what gives me life? So, I weeded out the to-do’s to things that really tap my creativity or projects that I want to accomplish. Our kitty Gloin won out on this one – she has a new scratching post in the works…

These feel like doable goals for us right now and we’re hoping they help us focus and get through the grey of February in style while moving our family and personal dreams forward.

What have you done to plan and keep yourself (and partner) motivated and focused on your goals?


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