my to-stop list

it seems i’m always jotting down to-do lists, all sorts of things i do not want to forget. i’m guessing you do the same. i mean, we’re so obsessed with to-do lists that there are programs devoted to it (Remember the Milk, Evernote etc.). i’ve been thinking lately of how i get so caught up in the do, do, do pace of things that i don’t stop and really think if these things are worthwhile.

for instance, last weekend i was trying to cram everything in – seeing all sorts of lovely people, getting the household chores done before a new week and possibly doing a little selling of my stuff. well despite all this, i had still wasted time that weekend on Facebook, walking around the mall, and other silly activities. Sunday morning I awoke on my parent’s 30th anniversary with only an idea of the gift i wanted to give them. seriously – they’re 30th anniversary and i waited until the last moment?

so, in light of this, i made a to-stop list. i looked over my life in the past year and the experiences i LOVED (and need to repeat) and the experiences that were just plain frustrating and didn’t add anything to my life or those around me at the end of the day. here’s a brief list of things or situations i didn’t like and hope not to continue –

  • {driving everywhere} i used to take the bus or ride bike whenever possible. yes, this took longer but i was much more in touch with a demographic i wouldn’t otherwise interact with on a daily basis or get some much needed outdoor time
  • {watching TV} anyone who knows me knows that i rarely do watch TV, but when i do i almost always regret it. i don’t learn anything, i get bored with it so quickly and would much rather read or update things on the internet (which isn’t always good either)
  • {never ending winter} okay, there’s nothing i can do to stop this living in Michigan, but i’d at least like to stop complaining about it all the time or letting my attitude be swayed so much by it.
  • {going to church alone} i’m at a weird stage in life where i can go to the church i’ve been going to for a while and sit along unless one of my friends comes with me or going to the lovely church that my boyfriend plays music at all the time. i love both churches and weigh my decision every week – experience community at my boyfriend’s church or the teaching i love and routine i crave at the church i’ve been attending.
  • {swearing} dear me – my tongue has gotten a little out of hand lately. i understand the use of words at some points, in fact they’re warranted sometimes but i’m realising that this talk is not adding anything good to my life or those around me. i think more negatively, feel more entitled and less respectful when i do speak this way.
  • {not taking time for girlfriends} this is a BIG one. i’m stopping not taking time for them – yes a terrible use of english. in the past view months i’ve realized the importance of these relationships and being honest in them. some of these are the longest held relationships besides my family and they add so much joy and life to my days. they need to be incorporated in my daily routine.
those are just a few of my items on my to-stop list. it keeps changing and evolving over time which i love because much like myself i change everyday. what are some of the things you’d like to stop?
download my “to-stop” list template.

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