it’s always 80% clean.

I’ll just say it (and my mom would certainly agree!) I start things and have a really hard time finishing them before moving on to the next. I’ll be going nuts about my disorganization one day, spend the whole night cleaning and then leave it about 80% clean for weeks before I half heartedly finish the job. This drives me nuts about myself.

You can imagine then that this whole buying a house thing and redecorating, fixing and improving it has caused quite the concern in my 80% world. I still have one room that hasn’t been organized and I’ve been here for 6 weeks. The parts of my closet that my wonderful mother didn’t organize are still just piles of my stuff.

A lovely desk and a PILE of photos and paintings yet to hung….

In fact, just last weekend my dad and I installed a fence – I should paint it this weekend but instead I went and bought a bunch of flowers and planted them (they look pretty darn nice if I do say so myself!). Now I have an unpainted fence and three 1/2 unplanted flats of impatients in my yard.

Flowers along the walkway on left, unpainted fence on right.

Maybe this is normal human activity (you tell me) but I think I have a case of ADD that is on the ramp up. I get distracted so easily. In fact, I have been living in exhaustion because I’ll start getting ready for bed and before I know it I’m browsing Pinterest instead of brushing my teeth.

I used to be a big checklist girl and it worked well for me. Maybe I need to get back to that again but I think I’ll wander from the checklist and before I know it I’ll have six different half checked off lists, further confirming my problem!

Help me here, what can I do to keep myself on task?


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