cell phones…

i was walking to class one day and everywhere i looked people were either texting or talking on their phones. no one was just simply walking, enjoying the scenery or being really present. granted, it was about 15 degrees and rather blustery, but obviously warm enough to use hands to text.

this got me thinking, what is the obsession we have with cell phones, with constantly needing to communicate with those who are not physically present with us. i came to two conclusions:
1) we are never satisfied with where we are at. we have to constantly electronically transplant ourselves to wherever the other person(s) is so that we don’t have to be where we currently are. we can’t be content unless we know exactly all of the options of where we could possibly be if we were where every person in our phone book is.
2) more true, i think we’re not content with who we’re with. we’re always thinking there could be more, could be another person we’d rather be with, another circumstance or something. we’ve lost the sense of being, of being present with whomever we find ourselves around. there is some enticing addiction to imagine ourselves with someone else which i think is a terrible way to live to always be on the look out for something better.
the worst is when i see two people eating dinner, both on their phones. this technology is wonderful and brings together people all the time, but what have we lost in all of this? can we ever be simply present with people?

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