on running. and worship.

i am in the thick of training, the point where running takes up a good chunk of my daily routine. the time when everything i eat, what i drink, and how many hours i sleep matters (not that it shouldn’t always). it’s at times like this that i grow tired of running, i start to wonder why i continue to do it, why it matters. its on runs like today that i realize this –

  1. running is a form of worship for me. i have had the most heartfelt prayers, the deepest thoughts, and most memorable moments of awe while running. i believe deeply in community, but by being alone for hours on end, God speaks in some pretty deep ways.
  2. it makes me an easier person to be around. i am a fidgety person by nature. i have a REALLY hard time sitting still. when i’m in a good running schedule, i’m a much more peaceful human being to be around.
  3. it’s life-giving. my dear friend kate has declared this year to be a year where she only does things that are live-giving. i like that. sometimes running is draining, taking a lot of energy. but, after all is said and done, i’m glad that i have run. and i’m full of more life.
  4. it’s a mental activity. sometimes after a challenging run, my brain hurts. i realize that during the entire duration i was fighting with myself, focusing on the timing, breathing, and pushing. i like to think it’s making me smarter.
  5. it’s one of the greatest blessings i have. i often think of the many people in this world who can’t run, or it drains all life out of them (see #3). i am so very blessed with a healthy body that can take many miles, a safe place to run those miles, and family & friends who encourage me on.

as i finished up a hard run today, the sky was filled with clouds, the wind blowing from the west, and the realization of another run done came upon me. and i have nothing but gratefulness for all of this.


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